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A systemic third-person action-adventure game, with heavy inspirations from the immersive sim genre for PC and platform.

An adventure game set in the exotic Eastern-Asian region of Mialis, where ritualistic practice and the occult are the primary drives of technological advancement and innovation. A world filled with ancient temples, feudal castles , mystical forests, and graphic villages. Explore, infiltrate, fight!

Be a spirit fox, descendant of gods, back on your way to heaven.  Carve your own path, witness your decisions change your world around you and decide the kind of god you want to be.


In 2021 and 2022, we have been backed by the Danish Film Institute as a part of their well-established fund that supports videogames with potential cultural impact.






No vacancies. Accepting unsolicited applications.

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Silkroad labs

Besides game development, we also have a passion for service design and developing projects for our B2B clients.

That’s the reason we started Silkroad Labs and hope to share our knowledge with you.

If that sounds interesting, check out our website.

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