Silkroad Studios

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A 3rd person Action-Adventure game with base building elements

When the humans found that harnessing spirit souls could power their Silkpunk machines, the world changed forever. Now, being a Yokai roaming the land is a death sentence. Play as Lionna, the last kitsune in existence, on her journey to free other Yokai from captivity. Explore a world filled with mystery and strife. Build a safe haven for stranded Yokai, and in return, they will craft your armor and weapons, teach you magic, and tell you the secrets of the world. Fight or Trick your way through the great human strongholds and become more powerful. Parkour across a rich landscape, overcoming every obstacle on your way. Forge a legacy in this epic adventure where your choices will influence the co-existence of humans and spirits.

“Carve Lionna’s journey from a clumsy cub to a kitsune Goddess!”

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CEO & Producer

Our keeper of deadlines and our organization wizard, Stella is the one to go to when in doubt about all-things business. Oh, and let’s not forget her design management skills enforced by weekends invested in managing Frostpunk and kicking ass in Elden Ring. 


Co-Founder, CD & Lead Game Designer

Max is our visionholder, Creative Director and main source of ideas and references. However, he is so much more, from team leader to resident parkour expert. To put it simply, there’s pretty much nothing this guy can’t do. And he’ll make sure to do it!


Co-Founder, COO & Sound Designer

If something does or doesn’t sound right, whether it’s related to the aspect of human resources, daily administration or just music and sound itself, Mia is the one to go to! On a regular day you’ll either see her recording sounds of smashed veggies or playing on her Yamaha keyboard.


Lead programmer & Tools Dev

Our main programming wizard and an active support in any bug-related crisis, Kevin is someone you can count on in any time! He also knows pretty much every game that has ever existed, so certainly our go-to library. 


3D Environment Artist

Zhekun is the one that pretty much makes environment we’d all want to live in. Forever. Not an overstatement. With his eye for stylized style and knowledge of colors, he adds dreamlike beauty to every scene in Yokai Tales.



Be it concept art, 2D assets, promo materials or anything really – Laetitia will draw swiftly and breathe life to ideas with such ease. When in doubt about any concept or need some inspiration, she is the one to get the wheels turning! 



Adrien is the one who adds flare and details that make our gameworld so special and distinct from others. His love for stylized style shows in all of his props and we all hope we could make them real some day and put them in our cupboards.


vfx & tech artist

Our Unreal wizard who bridges the gap between Art and Programming and saves us when it comes to late night graphics performance issues.  On top of that he spices up Yokai Tales with glimmers, shimmers and all the crazy vfx that make it stand out. 


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